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Created 14-Nov-09
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Non-stress test just a few days before Avery's birth. [iPhone photo]Snatching Avery from mom's belly.Snatching Avery from mom's belly.Avery says, "WTF? I was warm in there."Avery in the OR.Avery and mom in the OR during the c-section.Avery's first hour in the NICU.Avery. Poor little guy has an IV in his hand.Avery's IVAveryAveryAvery's cute crib card from the Stanford NICUAvery after a bath (4 weeks) [iPhone photo]Avery after a bath (4 weeks) [iPhone photo]AveryAvery at Christmas 2009 (6 weeks)Avery (6 weeks)Avery (6 weeks)Avery (2 months) [iPhone photo]Avery (2 months)