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Created 29-Apr-12
194 photos

Adelyn in uteroAdelyn is wondering why she was just pulled out of her nice cozy wombAaron and Adelyn in the ORAdelyn found some tasty fingersMommy and Adelyn in the recovery roomAdelynAdelynAdelyn's cord bloodAdelyn LoganAdelyn LoganAdelyn (5 weeks)Adelyn (2.5 months)Adelyn (2.5 months)Adelyn (2.5 months)Adelyn (2.5 months) giving her serious lookNatalie and Adelyn (3.5 mos)Colleen, Avery, Natalie, and AdelynNatalie, Adelyn (3 months) and Avery (2.5 yrs)Natalie, Adelyn (3.5 months) and Avery (2.5 yrs)Adelyn (3.5 months)