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Created 22-Aug-11
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The bride entersThis is how you observe a wedding with a fussy toddler...Natalie and AveryThe grand hall at the Merchants ExchangeCarolyn and BenCarolyn and Ben listen to a readingCarolyn and Ben's weddingCarolyn and Ben's weddingCarolyn and Ben share a laugh at their weddingCarolyn and Ben's weddingCarolyn and Ben's weddingElevators await at the Merchants ExchangeThe newlyweds, Carolyn and Ben RosebroughThe newlywedsAvery and NatalieAvery and grandparentsAvery, Sophia, Kailyn, Colleen, and grandparentsAngela, Amy, Jimmy, and Grace (Amy was our flower girl in 2003!)Sophia, Tai, Kailyn, Colleen, and grandparentsGroup portrait