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Created 16-Nov-08
242 photos

(November 2008)
Sea lion resting in the afternoon sunlightMagnificent Frigate bird in flightMagnificent Frigate bird in flightSea lions resting in the afternoon sunlightJuvenile sea lionLand iguana on North Seymour IslandLand iguana on North Seymour IslandWaves crash on the coast of North Seymour IslandMagnificent Frigate birdMagnificent Frigate bird in flightJuvenile BoobyBlue-footed Booby restingBlue-footed BoobyLand iguana emerging into the lightBlue-footed Booby posingBlue-footed BoobyBlue-footed BoobyBlue-footed Booby posingBlue-footed BoobyBlue-footed Booby